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5 most important interview tips

Here's how to do better at your next interview..  Do you have an interview scheduled soon? You got through the applications, tests, now is the time to nail that job, and here are a few tips to help: 

Do your research

The easiest question you can fail (and you mustn't) is when you're asked questions about the organisation. Do your research, check out the frequently asked questions on their website, read about the management/board and most importantly the "About Us" section. If you intend to work there, the least you can do is know a little about it.  Also be prepared to answer a lot of unexpected, unusual interview questions- you can find help with this by going through interview forums on the web.

Review your qualifications

How qualified are you for the role? Not qualified enough or too qualified? You can do a check online to see the qualifications necessary to fill the type of role you are applying for. Doing this will help you make your case when you're asked why you're a perfect fit for the job.

Go through your experiences

When was the last time you thoroughly went through your resume? Make sure you remind yourself of all roles you have filled and how your experiences , relevant or not will help in this new job. Are there any gaps in your resume? i.e what is the reason you had nothing doing from July 2014 to November 2014? Be prepared to fill it with the right answers.

Be timely

Leave your home at least an hour earlier than normal, to avoid unexpected situations. Sometimes it not only rains but pours, so you need to give yourself ample time to get to the destination especially if you've never been there before. In addition getting there earlier will help you settle in and get comfortable in their environment-if you are permitted, have a look around- this will help to calm your nerves.

Dress to impress

Appearances gives a first impression and the impression you create can determine if you get the job or not, no matter how intelligent you sound during the interview. Do not wear distracting clothes and try to be comfortable in what you are wearing. Also, be considerate in your choice of a perfume or aftershave-body odour is a no-no. Overall look well groomed without over doing it.
Good luck!


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