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Photos: Wicked Mother Who Microwaved Baby Daughter to Death Bags Life in Prison

Ka Yang microwaved her innocent baby girl
I wish it was death by hanging( yes I said it, sigh). This chilling story brings to fore man's wickedness and heartlessness as a mother murdered her innocent baby girl in a most unbelievable cruel way. 

A mother who did a most ignoble act ever has gotten the rewards for her heartlessness. Ka Yang, 34, convicted of first-degree murder and assault after putting one-month-old Mirabelle Thao-Lo in a microwave for up to five minutes in 2011 has been convicted to serve a life sentence in prison.
Prosecutors said the child had fatal thermal injuries that would have been severely painful to endure. The radiation would have penetrated her organs. She died.
Investigators found the infant’s pacifier in the microwave at their home in Sacramento, California. However, in order to exonerate herself and got free, Yang had told the court through her attorney that she had an epileptic seizure and didn’t know what she was doing but paramedics said she wasn’t disoriented when they arrived.
The innocent baby girl, Mirabelle Thao-Lo suffered cruel fate in the hands of her mother
She told investigators she blacked out and awoke to find the baby injured next to a space heater. A California judge imposed the 26-years-to-life sentence yesterday. Yang has three other children.


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