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4 Interesting Reasons Why Your Man Has Refused to Propose (Must Read)

Many have wondered why their men have refused to propose even when they have everything going for them. Read what might be the cause and how to turn it around.
He has everything a man needs to settle down, yet he is not interested and you have been his girlfriend for years. Well, these four reasons according to Shakila Alivitsa why your man has refused to propose. 

No. 1 Your proposal expectations are too high
You have sat down and really planned this day. Your friends know what you want and most importantly, your man also knows what you want. The problem is that you are not being very realistic, from the ring to where you want the location to be and whom to be invited. It already feels like a mini-wedding for him and that type or pressure will just make a man put you on pause until you become desperate enough to do the asking. That way, you just make it easier for him to give you whatever he can afford and do within reason. You will be happy-which is the point. So evaluate your ambitions, they might be the reason your man is dodging your proposal.
No. 2 The idea of the wedding you want is scary
Just like the proposal, the wedding might be a bit out of hand when it comes to the budget and the kind of celebration you want; talk about the dress.
Once someone proposes, the only way to go from there is forward and accepting whatever you are given as a man in most cases. You do not want to be the one to tell your fiancĂ©e that something is not within your budget. Woe unto you if she asks, ‘Then why were you proposing? If you knew you cannot afford a wedding?’ If you know you have not saved for at least half of the wedding you want and you know the type of work your man does cannot cater for it, there is your answer. No one wants to spend a million on a wedding and still be paying KES 30k rent come the following day. You would rather buy land at least.
No. 3 There is a relation who is important that does not like you
Worst case scenario is his mother. At times a man will put you on hold when he knows the relationship between his future wife and mother is on the rocks. Something else ladies, never think you are smart by pretending you like the mother to win her graces, puts you further down the line because she can tell. You would rather try to compromise with her by being you rather than pretending because that never mends any situation but makes it worse.  Other people, an aunt or a sister but I find it rare for the men to tell a fellow man, she is not the one unless they saw you at a corner you were not meant to be in.
No. 4 He has always had a team
For some men, they never date one woman but they have a horde of them and when it reaches the point of important decision making, he will line you up like cows and see which is the fattest for a slaughter. Like weighing the pros and cons of each woman to identify the one best suited for his intentions. Sounds very rude but I am educating you; so for some of you ladies, you are very proud and think that you are the one that has made it. The shock will be on you when he tells you, I found somebody else. You are thinking they will need a courtship period until you hear from someone that the man is getting married already. You never be want to be part of a team, trust me.
Always maintain your humility when you are with someone because as good as they are, there is someone else that is eyeing them as well. Lose some of that pride when you are with your man, it goes a long way!


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