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4 Ways Keeping Secrets Can Destroy Your Relationship

Secrets have a way of bringing or tearing loved ones apart. As children it was okay keeping some secrets because most were considered childish and harmless.

As you grow into adulthood, keeping secrets and covering what should be exposed, creates more havoc though you may have good intentions of not hurting anyone.

Like a snake, secrets have a way of showing its ugly head when you least expect and the bad thing about keeping it inside is you have to bottle it up with a lie and more lies which will eventually blow up in your face in the end and destroy every relationship you’ve worked so hard to maintain over the years.

Here are 4 ways keeping secrets can destroy your relationship

1. It messes up your health

The time and energy used in keeping secrets and looking over your shoulder can be spent doing something else. You keep thinking, become anxious and depressed which can result in serious health complications.

2. You are open to disrespect

Keeping secrets from your partner could blow up in your face when they find out and their level or respect totally drops for you

3. You create room for distrust

When your partner knows you aren’t being truthful to them, they stop trusting you because they can't even tell when you are telling the truth about something

4. You become lonely

Secrets have a way of making you feel isolated though you are physically close to your partner. You become scared because all you’ve been hiding may be out in the open one day. You lose intimacy and sleepless nights too.

Watch video on how married couples can prevent disasters in their relationships:  


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