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Drama as Married Woman is Caught Pants Down Just Before Having S*x With Married Man

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Two people who are individually married to their own partners have been caught pants down as they were about to have s*x. 

The man, Tawanda Sunday, from Musanga, Zimbabwe, disclosed that he failed to resist the temptation of entertaining love messages from the married woman, Tatenda Mudziviri and this saw them being caught in a compromising position, MyZimbabwe reports.
Tawanda has since appeared before Chief Musana (real name Joel Nyarumwe) for his shenanigans with Stephen Nyanhi’s wife, Tatenda Mudziviri.
Stephen caught the two cheating on him. Tatenda admitted to the offence saying Stephen was no longer supporting her financially which prompted her to find a solution of being in love with another man.
“I admit that I am in love with Stephen’s wife but it is not my fault since she is the one who proposed to me through a message on my mobile phone,’ said Tawanda.

“She started by asking me to buy her airtime and we exchanged contact numbers before I sent her the airtime she wanted.

“In thanking me for the airtime, she sent a message admiring me describing me as a loving man and I could not resist and we ended up being lovers until I was caught in a compromising position with her in their matrimonial bedroom.

“Honestly speaking I was caught before we had s*x,” said Tawanda making the court roar in laughter.
Tatenda admitted that she proposed to Tawanda saying Stephen was no longer giving her financial support as she was starving with their two children.
“I was after money since my husband was no longer giving me money anoti akawana mari anoiisa muEcocash and hides the personal identification number (pin)so that I do not access it.

“We were caught before we had s*x but we had agreed to have s*x after several days communicating and seeing each other.

“I am aware that he is married but I wanted help from him,” said Tatenda.Tatenda shocked the gallery after she disclosed that she is no longer interested in living with Stephen as his wife arguing that she would be abused for the rest of her marriage given the circumstances.

“I do not see my marriage being the same after what I did and for that reason I am no longer interested in living with my husband although he has forgiven me,” said Tatenda.
Stephen demanded five beasts from Tatwanda saying that he had wrecked his marriage and is prepared to continue living with his wife since they have two children.
“I have forgiven my wife since we have children but Tawanda must pay me five cattle for wrecking my marriage,” said Stephen. “He showed disrespect by coming to my bedroom to have sex with my wife”
In passing judgement,Chief Musana warned villagers over domestic violence saying the law wold catch up with all the culprits.Tawanad was ordered to pay Stephen one cow and four goats and ordered not to repeat such issues.
“Stephen must be applauded for taking his matter before the courts and that is what we encourage whenever you have differences in villages,” said Chief Musana.

“We hear stories of domestic violence,read about murder and suicide reports; let me warn offenders that the law will catch up with them.

“Let families live peacefully and see your children living happily not harming each other.

“I encourage Stephen to live with Tatenda peacefully since he has forgiven her and the court heard from Stephen that he caught them before the act and the two admitted their wrong doing saying they were yet to have s*x,” said Chief Musana.


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