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Help! My Fiancee of 4 Years is HIV Positive and I'm Not, What Do I Do?

A man whose girlfriend is HIV positive has cried out for a much needed advice as he is emotionally attached to her due to their long years of dating.
Read the heartbreaking story of the young man who maybe infected with HIV:
Fellow netizens, my 22-year old fiancee who came to my place just a day ago got a call from her family doctor that her attention was urgently needed prior to some tests that were conducted on her two days back. I had to tell her to go see her doctor immediately as it could be something very important, so she left.

She called me up some hours later to tell me her doctor says she's HIV positive. My head spun and I started thinking of where I must had gotten it from. We've been intimately together for 4years, and we make love as often as we feel like although our busy schedule hasn't made us see for up to a month now.

As I got the news, I felt so restless and just had to go join her at the hospital so they could carry a test to confirm my status. It came out negative. I promised her to always be by her side and wouldn't leave her cos of the disease. I trust her a lot and I believe she must have contracted it through sharp objects her makeup business exposes her to like razor blades.

Dear readers, I need your advice. It's 3am in the morning, and she's called thrice already; she's depressed and suicidal right now. Pls air your matured and helpful opinion. God bless you.
Read the top two responses he got from his friends:

"Comfort her. Let her know that her illness doesn't define or change who she is. Not only that but it's 2016 and with the advances in medicine she can live a long normal life, so she shouldn't worry. 

Also you can take precautions so you can still have s*x but will NOT be affected. So there is nothing to worry about as long as you both are responsible. Most importantly let her know that your love for her will not change and you will get through this together. The most important part is for her to understand that having HIV doesn't make her any less than anyone else. We are all human, we all bleed the same. Even with HIV her blood is still the same color as yours, no?"
The second commenter has this to say:
"Just because you did a test for three or five days later and found out you are negative may not mean you are, you need to take the test in the next three month and finally in the next six month to finally confirm you as negative.

My advice to you, stay away from sex not just between you and your fiance, but any other person for that matter to avoid spread or even increase the viral load.

My advice to her, that she contracted the virus does not make her less of a human being, she can live and even have a happy home by managing the virus. she is very luck that she found out very early, the viral load may still be very low which means, its still very easy to manage"


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