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Hilarious Photos: Jealous lioness fights male partner after she spotted him flirting with rival

The lion may well be considered the king of the jungle. But behind every successful man there is a great woman - and this lioness proved it when a rival love interest began snooping around her husband.

According to DailyMail. the hilarious sequence of images were captured by 61-year-old Leon Botha, who was on holiday with friends and family in Botswana at the time.

Leon was waiting patiently at a waterhole in the park for any sign of emerging wildlife when a lion couple wandered over to get a drink and cool off in the punishing African sunshine.

The lioness had wandered ahead of her partner, got to the water and began gulping it down. It was at
this moment that a second lioness proceeded to walk over to the male lion waiting for his woman to return.

Unhappy by the advances of this rival female, the lioness stopped drinking and immediately ran towards the two predators in a threatening manner.

The male lion, who expected a fight between the two females, quickly ran into the path of the lioness to intercept her progress.

However, as it transpired, the lioness was not heading towards the female and instead mounted an attack on her other half. Leon took a number of photographs as the enraged lioness began swatting at the lion with her large paw.

The pictures show that her mouth is wide open as she tackles her partner and eventually causes him to fall over onto his side.

The lion appears to know exactly who wears the trousers in the relationship and finally submitted to the aggression of his woman. Meanwhile the other lioness is left with a damning message regarding the availability of this particular male.


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