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I Got So Fat That I Couldn't Find My P*nis - Popular Comedian Explains Why He Decided to Lose Weight

Jeff Beacher
A popular comedian has made a new and rather stunning revelation on what happened when he got incredibly fat and why he is letting go of all the weight.
Jeff Beacher, the American comedian who piled on the pounds during many years of entertaining audiences has revealed that he got so fat he was unable to find his p*nis.
Jeff is a new man after he put his mind to a weight loss journey when he discovered he was a staggering 29st 9lb. And as the weight fell off, his member grew bigger, returning to its original size.
At 5ft 7in, the 40-year-old admits that his weight became an issue when he was comfort eating, a habit he learned in childhood.
"I’d always been fat but it’s something else when you’re so fat, you can’t find your p*nis," he revealed.
He added: "I’d have to hunt around in my flab to locate it before I went to the bathroom or attempt to have s*x."
Jeff Beacher when he got so fat
According to the New York Post, Jeff revealed that he believes, like many obese men, for every 20 to 30 pounds he gained, he lost an inch from his manhood.
The creator of outrageous variety show Beacher's Madhouse at MGM Las Vegas and Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel says that when he was 12, he found out he was adopted - and food became a crutch to help him get through.
As the years went by, he admits, in his stand-up comedy career he developed a "fat, funny persona" which was something to hide behind.
Dining out with A-listers like his good mates Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey wasn't helpful when his waistline came into it, and he says his size never stopped him from stripping - or enjoying intimate liaisons.
He says his sex life didn’t stop and that he's slept with more than 100 women to date, many of them what he calls 'groupies'.
"However, by 2014, because of my 415lb [29st 9lb] bulk and my shrinking p*nis, it was difficult to have full s*x, no matter what positions were used."
Jeff Beacher is now slim
He admits he began to tell women that he was too drunk to have s*x because he didn't want to admit the truth, and continued to tell his friends he was sexually active.
In 2014, sleep apnoea - where the walls of the throat interrupt normal breathing - due to his weight forced him to address the situation, but after shedding 5st 10lbs, he went back to his old lifestyle.
Last year, he committed to making a change, and underwent stomach surgery to stop himself from being able to consume as much.
"The pounds dropped off, and I now tip the scales at 195lbs [13st 13lbs], after having at least 10lb of extra skin surgically removed."
He says that the best thing, besides his new-found confidence, is that his p*nis has "miraculously gone back to its previous size, around eight or nine inches when erect".


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