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Photos: Man Hails a Lady's Gorgeous Look on WhatsApp But What She Tells Him Afterwards is Unbelievable

A man who was impressed by a lady's pretty face decided to tell her about how gorgeous she was but her reply to him will come across as rather unbelievable.  

A Twitter user going by the name baby bee (@leahsvnchez) shared screenshots of a conversation she had with an admirer on Tuesday, March 22.
The admirer paid her a compliment after seeing her photo (placed bove).
However instead of blushing and saying 'thank you' like most girls would do, baby bee sent the guy a photo of her face without make up writing "this is how I look in real life"
Posting the screenshots, she wrote: "told him not to be fooled by the filters and makeup".
The posts has since garnered over 3,308 RETWEETS and 3,048 LIKES.
Many people have said the lady is really brave and admirable.


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