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Photo+Video: Man and Mistress Mercilessly Beaten Up After They Were Caught Red-handed Cheating

A man and his mistress have been beaten mercilessly and disgraced after they were caught red-handed sleeping together. 

A man has been given the punishment he will never forget after he was caught red-handed cheating with another woman. 
The man was beaten by atleast 4 different persons in the room where he was caught cheating with the woman. The mistress was not spared as she was beaten up too as she cried and screamed for help while the man tried to protect her. The incident happpened in China.
Some users of the site where the video was posted commented: "At least his wife doesn't need to go through the pain of guessing who her husband would rather be with."
Another added: "He didn't really protect her, more like put his arms on her while she was getting fucked up. He could have, you know, intervened and stopped the beating, but I guess he's so henpecked he wouldn't dare touch his actual wife."
Watch the video below:


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