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Photo+Video: Outrage After Zoo Keeper is Caught on Camera Performing S*x Act on Dolphin

A zoo worker who was secretly filmed as he performed a s*x act on a dolphin has attracted outrage from people for the abuse. 

A zoo keeper has been caught on camera performing a s*x act on a dolphin sparking outrage.  
Since the video was released online, furious animal campaigners have slammed the Dolphinarium in Hardewijk, Netherlands. They are now calling for it to be closed immediately.
In the footage, a dolphin is seen lying on its back in what appears to be an indoor pool as the male zookeeper wearing glove performs a s*x act on it before feeding the dolphin a fish.
However, the zoo has come to the aid of the zoo worker as it says the process was done to de-stress the animal.
Keepers were also filmed saying that it was done to prevent the dolphins from having incestuous relations.
Leonie Vestering, leader of animal party PvdD, pressed charges and accused the zoo of s*xual abuse. But officials are refusing to pursue a criminal case.
They determined that no laws were broken by the disturbing act.
The undercover video revealing the act was filmed by TV show RAMBAM and uploaded to their YouTube channel.
In a statement the prosecutor said: “The sexual act with the dolphin is performed in the context of training the dolphin for the release of sperm as part of a breeding programme.
“The act was conducted by a scientist in the context of scientific research that focuses on this breeding programme.”
Investigators say the act isn’t a crime because it was part of a “breeding programme”.
Watch video below:


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