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Complete Shock as Woman Gives Birth to a Baby with 4 Legs in the Hospital...See Details

A new baby has been born in a hospital with four whole legs giving many people who saw it, the shock of their lives.
A baby has been born with four legs in western Mozambique.
The development has reportedly caused some shock in the area.
According to News24, doctors are now assessing the baby  to see if the child can be operated upon.
The baby, whose s*x was not given, has just been born in Manica Province, according to the Magazine Independente.
"The mother had a normal birth and was not suspicious of anything during the gestation period," said the magazine, which is published in Portuguese.
This is not the first time an abnormal birth was recorded in the area.
A baby with three legs was also born in the province this month, said  the weekly. 


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