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Photos & Video: Chidinma Okeke May Get Suicidal - Lagos Life Coach Writes as Miss Anambra's 2nd S*xtape Goes Viral

Chidinma Okeke in controversy over her alleged leaked s*xtape
Popular Lagos-based youth counselor and president of the 9ineteen foundation has offered a helping hand to former Miss Anambra whose s*xtape leaked online, as she fears the beauty queen may become suicidal.
Earlier today, a second part of a s*xtape involving the 2015 Miss Anambra 'Face of Democracy', Chidinma Okeke, which was released online showing her face clearly as she performs s*x acts with a cucumber alongside her female room-mate, had gone viral amid media reactions and criticisms.

Recall that over the past weekend, the winner of Miss Anambra 2015 competition, representing Anambra State from Orumba North, dragged her reputation and that of her family to the mud following her involvement in a leaked lesbian s*x tape.
The viral video clip which showed the lesbian beauty queen pleasuring herself and later using cucumber on her v*gina before getting it on with a female partner identified as Adaobi Nzekwe, who came over to caress and smooch her. 
Ada who is said to be close friends with Queen Chidinma Okeke, was the 3rd runner up at the Queen of Democracy 2014, and also doubles as Chidinma’s personal assistant.
Screenshots from the leaked second s*xtape
In a new post made on social media, popular transformational life coach and publisher of 9ineteen Magazine, Chichi Umeseaka, weighed in on the leaked s*x videos and also volunteered to counsel her and help her through the trauma. 
Below is what the president of the 9ineteen foundation wrote;
"Matters arising Monday.

"So, one of my people sent me a message that I should check out the Compromizing Video of Miss Anambra State, Chidinma Okeke. I was so distraught that I barely slept. I felt more of pity for her than wanting to crucify her; I'm I one to condone such rubbish 'No way'.

"However, the deed has been done and if care is not taken this girl may end up committing suicide. As much as you may want to hate her let's find a way to help her deal with this. So I'm extending my hands to hug her; As a certified Teenage/Youth Counselor, I sincerely would want to help her deal with this mess. 

"So, help give me her details if you have her contact or let her contact me 08077567379 or my mail and please peope let's all show her some love and join hands to condem those who leaked this video for whatever reason.

"I am a teenage/youth life Coach and can authoritaively say that things like this can push one into depression. Lets not wait till when we have to start writting RIPs.. Its time to love... Chi chi."

Video link:


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