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Help! My Holiday Lover Gave Me Hot S*x, But I Want More

*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
A man is about going crazy after incredible s*x with a woman he recently met but there is a little problem he is facing. 
I have been having hot s*x with a woman I met on holiday last year but that’s all she wants it to be.
We stayed in touch on social media after our trip and last month she suggested we meet up for a drink after work. She is 29, I am 25. We chatted and got on really well. She invited me back to her place and she started to undress as soon as she closed the door.
We ripped one another’s clothes off and went to her bedroom. She turned out the lights but the s*x felt great. Now we meet up regularly but she always insists on turning off the lights. I say it’s as if she’s ashamed of us but she just shrugs her shoulders.
I always stay the night. Next morning we have breakfast, chat and we laugh but nothing is said about “us”. A couple of weeks ago I asked her if she would like to go out somewhere for the day. To my surprise she then said she is sort of seeing a guy who is away working in Los Angeles but will be home soon.
She said I am great and I will find someone to love in a while and we can still be friends. She even apologised for leading me on but told me firmly that it is friends with benefits only. I said I was confused and disappointed and I think it best if we have no contact for a bit.
She got really angry then, saying she has tried to be a good friend but I have thrown it back in her face. So I have now gone back to saying nothing because I do not want to fall out with her but I want a proper relationship.
Is this so wrong? I cannot understand why, if she likes this guy so much, she takes me into her bed regularly.
And I cannot understand why she is so angry about the idea of me cutting off contact when, in her eyes, we are just friends. She says I am being stupid for saying we should be all or nothing.
I think she is crazy for saying it should be friends or nothing. Am I wasting my time?


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