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Shocker: See the Man Who Publicly Had S*x With a Stranger Inside a Plane While His Pregnant Fiancee Was at Home

A man who was traveling by air, ended up having s*x with a stranger in public and in front of everyone while his fiancee was at home. 
Shaun Edmonson, a man who was filmed having s*x with a woman on a Ryanair flight was reportedly on his stag do while his pregnant fiancee was at home, according to The Sun UK.
The pair shocked passengers on the plane from Manchester to Ibiza on Friday when the blonde woman was seen straddling the man.
Footage shows the man in the middle seat with the woman on top of him before he asks people around him for a condom.
Initially, the pair appeared to be just a boozy couple up to no good on a plane but it has now emerged that the man is 31-year-old Shaun Edmonson, from Cumbria, who had never actually met the woman before the plane journey.
According to a friend of the 31-year-old, who is known as a ‘ladies’ man, he was on his own stag do while his pregnant fiancee Jenna Ross, 25, waited for him at home.
They told The Sun: ‘That’s just a random woman he’s with, they didn’t know each other before the day.
‘He doesn’t seem to be too bothered he has left his six-months pregnant wife-to-be at home while he cavorts with random strangers.’
A 21-year-old who filmed the encounter described the shock at watching the couple get it on.
Kieran Williams, from Preston, Lancashire, said: ‘I heard them talking about it but I thought they were joking. The guy was shouting, 
“Anyone got a jelly?” meaning condom.
‘We all laughed but then ten minutes later they actually did it. They seemed so drunk, they brought a lot of attention to themselves.
‘You could see the girl taking off her pants and he pulled his trousers off. She started riding him.
‘I had to get my phone out. I have never seen anything like that.’
The 21-year-old, who had had been flying to Ibiza to work as a barman over the summer, added that a female passenger who was trapped next to the couple asked to be moved but the crew did nothing to stop the pair.
A Ryanair spokesman said: ‘We are looking into this matter.  We will not tolerate unruly, disruptive or inappropriate behaviour at any time and any passengers who appear to behave in an unacceptable manner may be liable for further sanctions.’


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