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True Story: I Left My Wife for My Hot Office Colleague After Incredible S*x But This Sad Thing Happened

*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
A married man has landed in serious trouble after passionate s*x with office colleague forced him to leave his wife only for this sad thing to happen. 
I left my wife for my lover and she promised to leave her husband – but she was just stringing me along and using me for s*x.
We had a chance kiss at a work do a year ago and then it progressed into a full-blown affair. I thought at the time the kiss meant nothing but the following day I couldn’t stop thinking about her and she stuck a Post-it note on my desk saying: “Lunch?”
I emailed her and we arranged a date. She looked gorgeous when she pitched up in her suit and a pretty blouse. She said she’d fancied me for ages. We shared a bottle of wine and after I paid the bill, she excused herself in the restaurant, winked at me and went downstairs to the basement.
I followed her and we had s*x in the disabled loo. She seemed insatiable and she said her husband couldn’t keep up with her s*x drive. I was totally smitten with her from then on, despite me having a lovely wife and three children.
I was like a lovesick puppy at work and any time she snapped her fingers, I went running.
I’m 45 and this woman I fell for is 33. My wife is 46. I asked my lover to leave her husband and I plucked up the courage to tell my wife I didn’t love her. I moved in with a friend. I expected her to do the same but, of course, it never happened.
We argued about it and now she wants nothing to do with me. I feel hurt, confused and alone, and want to tell her husband all about us. I feel sorry for the guy now I’ve found out what she’s really like. I think I’m just one in her long line of men she’s used to fulfil her sexual cravings.
Should I tell all or just suck it up and try to rebuild my life?


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