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Morning Sex Boosts Immune System, Cuts Risk of Stroke

It's time to stop pressing the snooze button because the morning is the best time of the day to get passionate with your partner.  According to sexual health and wellbeing expert Samantha Evans, getting frisky first thing brings a tonne of health benefits, including boosting mood and helping you look younger.

11 Things Every Guy Expects From a Relationship.

Every guy expects certain things from a relationship. Some guys are just looking for one night stands but guys who are really looking for commitment start dreaming about certain aspects for a relationship before they’re even dating. It’s similar to a girl’s dream of a perfect wedding. Men have fears and quirks and many other things. Here are some of the things men expect from relationships. 1. Freedom: Men really want you to have your own life. They want you to have your own set of friends, activities, and passions. So let him roam too. Let him have his own time. When he returns and notices your ever-welcoming attitude, he will be more than happy. Men do want a dual life but they also love to sneak out a bit every once in a while. As long as it does not affect your relationship, let him avail his freedom. It is beautiful what they say about couples, “Let’s put your relationship on wheels. One is yours. One is mine. And together, we’ll ride.” 2.

How S*x-Crazed Boss Mercilessly R*ped, Impregnated 17-year-old Maid and Sacked Her

  A randy man has been exposed after he repeatedly r*ped his housemaid, impregnated her before forcefully pursuing the innocent girl out of his home. The details of a how 17-year-old Roda Timothy life's was destroyed by a s*x-crazed boss has been revealed. The little girl who was full of expectations when she left her home state in Plateau for Lagos, last year before she was eventually raped, impregnated and sacked by the man who committed the heinous crimes against her. This is how Vanguard shared the bitter and touching story of the young girl in the hands of a randy foreigner.  

Ex-Defense Minister's Grandson Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Fiancee

*Photo used for illustrative purpose   A man has left people in deep shock after he allegedly pushed his fiancee off the fourth floor of their balcony.  The grandson of a former Defense Minister, the late Njenga Karume’s grandson has been arrested over the death of his fiancĂ©e,  The Star Kenya  reports.   

Oh No! Kendall Jenner Disgraces Rob Kardashian, Says He Has a Small Pen*s

  The family war between the Kardashian siblings got more intense as Kendall disgraced his brother by revealing that he has a small pen*s. Fans have been left shocked after indications revealed that Rob Kardashian might actually have a tiny p*nis. This was made public after Kendall Jenner insinuated through a post.  

Celebrities Outfit of The Week; Who is Your Favorite?

toke mankinwa We are bringing you outfits your favorite celebrities wore during the week. Who is your best dressed?  See more pictures below

Crazy!! 15 Most Ridiculous Pickup Lines Women Hate, Guys Read and Learn

Getting the opposite sex with the right choice of words is a mysterious form of art that requires strategic planning and execution. Despite this, a lot of us know that using ridiculous pick-up lines are not the way to go. There are lines we’ve heard our friends use and laughed out loud at how cheesy they were. The general rule with pick-up lines is for them to break or thaw the ice leading to the person they are directed at to smile.

Ibionabo Lied - Dr Giwa's sister speaks extensively on how Ibinabo killed her brother

For the mother and siblings of Dr Suraj Giwa, who was killed on February 26, 2005, in an auto-crash caused by jailed actress, Ibinabo Fiberesi­ma's reckless driv­ing, it has been a hard, long road to getting a semblance of closure over his death. Until that fateful day, Giwa was the Head of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at the General Hospital, Lagos. He was heading home from Ajah with two of his relations, when an SUV driven by the actress smashed into his vehicle across the median and killed him instantly.

Pope Francis to Wash and Kiss the Feet of 4 Nigerian Catholics, 3 Muslims and 5 Others...See Details

  File photo:   Pope Francis kissing people's feet   Pope Francis is set to perform the traditional Holy Thursday foot-washing ceremony at a refugee shelter outside Rome. Pope Francis visited a refugee center Thursday to wash and kiss the feet of Muslim, Orthodox, Hindu and Catholic migrants in a gesture of welcome at a time when anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment has spiked following the Brussels and Paris attacks.  

4 Interesting Reasons Why Your Man Has Refused to Propose (Must Read)

Many have wondered why their men have refused to propose even when they have everything going for them. Read what might be the cause and how to turn it around. He has everything a man needs to settle down, yet he is not interested and you have been his girlfriend for years. Well, these four reasons according to  Shakila Alivitsa  why your man has refused to propose.  

Photos: Omg! Woman Weeps Bitterly As She is Flogged in Public for Having S*x Outside Marriage

    A young woman has pictured being caned in public for engaging in sexual relations with another person beside her husband.  The young woman acccused of having extra-marital affair was brought to the public stage in Banda Aceh, Indonesia and forced down on to her knees by two guards.  

Photos: Manager Catches Man Stealing in His Store But What He Did to the Thief is Unbelievable

   Radzuan Ma’asan, the store manager   A store manager shocked the rest of the modern world after he handled a shoplifter with what will come across as a really unbelievable compassion.  After catching a shoplifter trying to steal from a Tesco hypermarket in Malaysia, the store manager, Radzuan Ma’asan, chose not to turn the man in to the police, but actually offer him a job at the very same store!  

Drama as Married Woman is Caught Pants Down Just Before Having S*x With Married Man

  File photo   Two people who are individually married to their own partners have been caught pants down as they were about to have s*x.  The man, Tawanda Sunday, from Musanga, Zimbabwe, disclosed that he failed to resist the temptation of entertaining love messages from the married woman, Tatenda Mudziviri and this saw them being caught in a compromising position, MyZimbabwe reports.  

Photo: Couple Shock Passengers by Having S*x in Public Bus Because They Couldn't Wait to Get Home

  Samantha Truslove   A couple had s*x in the back seat of a bus in front of young children because they could not wait to get home and have both been made to answer for it. The woman, Samantha Truslove, and her man, Peter Walker, were jailed for having s*x with her partner on a bus in full view of passengers including young children.  

$2.1Billion Arms Probe and the Insincerity of Buhari's Government

President Muhammadu Buhari   The government of president Muhammadu Buhari is facing severe criticism for his role and way he is handling corruption fight in Nigeria as Nigerians are now complaining.  Over the last 10 months into the life of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerians have almost on daily basis, been inundated with mind-boggling reeling out of figures of alleged corrupt practices perpetuated by previous administrations in the country.  

Photos: Finally! Wizkid's 2nd babymama unveils their son's face

After keeping his face hidden since his birth in January, ,Wizkid's second baby mama,Binta Diallo has finally unveiled their son Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun Jnr (King Ayo ).. He is a cutie..More below 

Mum praised for sharing photos which show a very real side of pregnancy

An athletic mum ,Stephanie Rothstein  has been hailed for showing off her body changes following the birth of her two children. Stephanie frequently shares photos of her stretch marks and excess skin on her stomach - with her 37,000 Instagram followers.  She told in her own words:  "I can run 5:20 pace for a half marathon, but I still pee my pants, have diastasis recti , stretch marks, and other postpartum issues." 2 pregnancies later and some serious stretch marks made me a little embarrassed of my tummy.But I'm reminded they are simply lines of love and proof of what the human body is capable of." Diastasis recti is condition which occur postpartum where the a gap of roughly 2.7 cm or greater develops between the two sides of the abdominal muscle. The mum is part of a recent trend which has seen numbers of new mums reveal the reality of how pregnancy and giving birth alters your body.

Blac Chyna shares adorable selfie with Rob Kardashian

Sometimes, I think they are just friends but other times, you see this genuine spark in their eyes...They sure make each other happy..

Photos: Man chooses to do this instead of serving 30 days in jail

A man has chosen to wear a sign proclaiming he's a thief rather than go to jail for the crime in Ohio. Greg Davenport, 43, of Liberty Township, pleaded no contest this month to a theft charge for stealing from a local Wal-Mart store in December.A Court judge found Davenport guilty - but gave him a choice during sentencing.

How I Ran Away After They Wanted Me to Kill Innocent People - Girl Narrates Miraculous Escape From Boko Haram

  A traumatised girl who escaped Boko Haram camp after she was forced to become a human suicide bomber has narrated how she miraculously escaped. A young woman identified as Hauwa has narrated how she escaped Boko Haram camp alive after she was told to go and bomb an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) Camp. The girl revealed her sad story started after her husband (a Boko Haram member) left.   

Why My Company Has Been Very Successful - Dangote

Aliko Dangote   One of the richest black men in the world has shared the major factor why his business enterprises across Africa has enjoyed its fair share of success.  Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, has stated that the challenge of electricity was adversely affecting the growth of the continent’s economy, according to the DailyPost.

Photo of American President, Obama Dancing 'Sexily' with a Woman Goes Viral

Barack Obama and the woman in action   The 'President of the world' was pictured in an unusual and close dancing position with a beautiful woman at a public event.  This photo of President Obama dancing the tango with an Argentinian woman has gone viral, sparking a fiery debate on the appropriateness of the close bodily contact. Some say it is just not right, while some others argue its just a mere dance.  

Photo: 15-year-old Schoolgirl Abducted on Her Way to JAMB Exam Centre in Lagos Released

  Miss Chioma Rita Clement, who was reportedly kidnapped by unidentified persons on her way to sit for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board(JAMB)has been released.  We reported it here few days ago that a 15-year-old girl, Chioma Rita Clement, while on her way to sit for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (JAMB) in Agidingbi, the Ikeja area of Lagos State, was abducted by unidentified persons.  

Photo: This 103-year-old Priest Now Seeking a Woman to Lose His Virginity to Before He Dies

  Barnum Atkins   A priest who has never had intimate relations with a woman before, has set out on a quest to lose his virginity before he passes from the earth.  Barnum Atkins, an American man who celebrated his 103rd birthday yesterday has vowed to lose his virginity before his death, claims the family of the century-old man.  

I Got So Fat That I Couldn't Find My P*nis - Popular Comedian Explains Why He Decided to Lose Weight

  Jeff Beacher   A popular comedian has made a new and rather stunning revelation on what happened when he got incredibly fat and why he is letting go of all the weight. Jeff Beacher, the American comedian who piled on the pounds during many years of entertaining audiences has revealed that he got so fat he was unable to find his p*nis.  

Photos: Man Hails a Lady's Gorgeous Look on WhatsApp But What She Tells Him Afterwards is Unbelievable

    A man who was impressed by a lady's pretty face decided to tell her about how gorgeous she was but her reply to him will come across as rather unbelievable.    A Twitter user going by the name baby bee (@leahsvnchez) shared screenshots of a conversation she had with an admirer on Tuesday, March 22.  

How Police Rescued Teenage Boy Planning to Kill Himself After Losing N6,000, Phone to 'Area Boys' in Lagos

  The young boy   A young boy filled to the brim with disgust and anguish after his phone was snatched from him, contemplated suicide but was lucky enough to be held back. Tragedy was averted in Lagos on Thursday after a 17-year-old boy, attempted to jump into lagoon for losing N6,000 and a phone to ‘Area Boys’.  

See the Top 10 Biggest Alcohol Drinking Countries in Africa...the No. 1 Country Will Shock You

    The beer making and distributing business is a flourishing one in Africa going by statistics of consumers in several African countries. This is a breakdown of the countries with the highest consumer ratings.  There's no doubt that the topic bothering on the biggest alcohol drinking nations in Africa has always been a topic of big debate between Africans.  

Statement: I Have Three More Years - President Buhari Speaks on His Performance, Globetrotting & More

President Buhari with R-L Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, APC National Chairman, John Odigie Oyegun, Speaker House of Representative, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, Deputy National Chairman (North), Senator Lawal Shuaibu and APC National Secretary, Alhaji Mai Mala Buni arriving at the NEC meeting.   At APC's National Executive Committee meeting today, President Muhammadu Buhari responded to growing criticisms of his administration's performance and his widely reported globetrotting, saying his government still has years to go.  While addressing leaders of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC), in Abuja today, President Muhammadu Buhari, responded to growing criticisms of his administration’s performance, saying his government still has years to go, acknowledging that his government was facing increasing attacks 10 months after taking office.

Unbelievable! Read What a Man Did to His Wife for Demanding S*x in the Morning

  File photo   A man obviously enraged by his wife for demanding s*x in the morning has reacted in the most unreasonable way ever.  The man, Darlington Kudangirana, from Harare, Zimbabwe, badly battered his wife almost to unconsiousness because she demanded to have s*x in the morning even as he was “late for work”.  

Shocking! Man Murders Prostitute Because She Did Not Satisfy Him in Bed

    A man who paid to have a s*x session with a prostitute was ultimately not satisfied with her performance and took a really drastic step to show his anger.  The man from Zimbabwe, Given Ngqabutho Nyoni, has been arrested by the police after he brutally beat up a prostitute who later died the next day, following a row over the sum of $2, after he demanded a refund of his money because he did not enjoy the s*x session with her, MyZimbabwe reports.  

Illegal Desert Journey to Europe: Sad Story of How a Nigerian Drowned in Mediterranean Sea

  It's a story that would send minds racing, an agonising tale that would leave everyone contemplating what it feels like to be seconds away from death. A man has told The Daily Sun how his brother perished in the Mediterranean Sea, as two of them journeyed illegally to Europe in a rickety boat.  

Photo+Video: Man and Mistress Mercilessly Beaten Up After They Were Caught Red-handed Cheating

  A man and his mistress have been beaten mercilessly and disgraced after they were caught red-handed sleeping together.  A man has been given the punishment he will never forget after he was caught red-handed cheating with another woman.   

So Heartless! Siblings Bury Two Men Alive Over Alleged N130,000 Theft

  Two brothers have been arrested in Ondo state for a heinous crime of taking the laws into their hands in a gruesome act. The Ondo State Police Command has arrested two siblings who allegedly buried alive two persons named Igbekele Orisabinole and Ogbaro Erinbo.

Photos: Omg! See What Was Done to 2 Women Who Were Caught Stealing From a Clothes Shop

  The two girls   Two women who were caught stealing from a clothes store have received a most humiliating treatment for their act.  A clothes Shop known as Jet Stores in Lusaka, Zambia, bathed two ladies in paint after they were caught stealing clothes.  

Shocking! 18-year-old Girl Films Her Own Father Raping Her to Convince Her Mother of the 4-Year Abuse

  Sarita Devi   A girl who had been repeatedly r*ped by her own father for four years decided to record one of the abuse sessions on camera to prove it to her mother and the world. Sarita Devi, an 18-year-old girl was forced to film her own father raping her in the hope her mother would believe her and it would lead to his arrest.  

Help! My Fiancee of 4 Years is HIV Positive and I'm Not, What Do I Do?

   A man whose girlfriend is HIV positive has cried out for a much needed advice as he is emotionally attached to her due to their long years of dating. Read the heartbreaking story of the young man who maybe infected with HIV:   Fellow netizens, my 22-year old fiancee who came to my place just a day ago got a call from her family doctor that her attention was urgently needed prior to some tests that were conducted on her two days back. I had to tell her to go see her doctor immediately as it could be something very important, so she left. She called me up some hours later to tell me her doctor says she's HIV positive. My head spun and I started thinking of where I must had gotten it from. We've been intimately together for 4years, and we make love as often as we feel like although our busy schedule hasn't made us see for up to a month now. As I got the news, I felt so restless and just had to go join her at the hospital so they could carry a test to confirm m