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Lover Strangles Married Woman to Death, Shaves Her Private Part

Samuel Ambe has been arrested for the death of Mata Jidonu (Photo:Punch)
A lover man has strangled to death the cheating wife of a lawyer he was into a hot and secret affairs with and shaved off hairs on her private part. Samuel Ambe has been arrested by the police for allegedly killing his lover, Mata Jidonu. 
According to reports, Ambe works at the Lagos State University, and was in a serious hot affair with the married woman. Narrating how the shocking incident happened, the woman's husband, Sunday Jidonu, who is a lawyer said he didn't know his wife was having an affair with the man until the day she was strangled to death.

Jidonu who lived in the Agric area of Ikogazebba, Badagry, revealed that on the day of the tragic incident, his wife had left home around 3pm on February 15, saying she was going to buy foodstuffs in the market, but reportedly headed for the lover’s house, a few kilometres away. That was were things turned ugly.
He said, “I came back from the court that day around 2pm because I was ill. On getting home, I found out that my wife was dressed up, ready to go out. I told her to prepare coffee for me because that it is what I normally take in the afternoon. She said I had been taking too much coffee and advised me to eat eba that was already prepared.

“She put the stew on fire while she went to pick our last child, Laura, from the school. I told her to help me buy drugs along the road. The same motorcyclist that took her to and from the school waited for her outside and took her again supposedly to the market to buy beans.

“I slept after taking the drugs. Laura woke me up around 5pm and I asked his brother where their mother was. I called her number but it did not go through. I called her mother, our church and the centre, where she was doing a post-literacy study; they all said she was not with them.”
That night, she didn't return home. The following morning, he rushed to the Badagry Police station to report that his wife had gone missing.
“I was at the station, when the head of the vigilante group in our community called me on the telephone that my wife had been found dead in a bush path. When I got to the scene, a crowd had gathered and policemen from Ado-Odo Ota, Ogun State, had arrived to pick her corpse. She was strangled and stabbed in the leg. Her private parts’ hairs had been shaved off,” he added.
Speaking further, the husband said he was suspicious of the manner of death and went to people around the area to ask about his dead wife's movement around the area. That was when he was told the wife had been coming to a particular man's house.
He said, “I was told that my wife had been sighted with Ambe on several occasions at his second house and that she entered the building on the day the incident happened. He is a non-teaching staff member at LASU. His family members do not live with him in that house. I reported to the police and eight days later, he was arrested.

“As we were going to the station in a police van, he called somebody on the telephone, telling the person in Egun language that the fat woman had been traced to his house. He did not know that I understand the language.
“The call logs we got from the MTN office revealed that he had been calling my wife every day since February 1. It was discovered that he had called her twice on February 15, the day she did not come back home,” he added.
Punch revealed that the police recovered some charms from the suspect’s house, while bloodstains were found on the wall of the building
Sunday said, “He (Ambe) begged me to forgive him. He said he was not the one who killed my wife and that he was only dating her.

“But there are enough indications for me to believe that he is behind the death of my wife. Since then, some elders in the community have been threatening me to let go of the matter. I have also been noticing strange movements around my house.”
The Ogun State Police spokesperson, DSP Muyiwa Adejobi, confirmed the story and assured that the suspect will be charged to court soon.


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