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Video: Little Girl Blows Lion a Kiss At the Zoo But She Did Not Expect the Reaction That Followed

A young girl at the zoo tried to show some affection for a lion by blowing him a kiss, but the lion's reaction was far-fetched. 

A little girl learned an important lesson about wild animals - no matter how nice you are, they could still attack at any moment.
This video of the adorable youngster blowing a lion a kiss at a zoo has gone viral, but not for the reasons you might imagine.
Far from being a cosy tale of girl and beast becoming friends, it serves as a stark reminder to always respect the laws of the jungle.
Separated by a thick sheet of protective glass, the girl smiles as the lion stands inches away, staring down at her.
The big cat at first seems to be fascinated by the girl, looking through the glass in apparent wonder.
The girl then plants a kiss on the glass in an heart-warming show of affection. But the feeling is far from mutual. Instead, the lion rises up and starts clawing viciously at the glass.
The girl, to her credit, is shocked but stands her ground.
One viewer, who saw the clip on Imgur, wrote: "That little girl is braver than me. I'd have run away screaming."
Watch the video below:


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