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End Time! 15-year-old Boy Sentenced to Jail for Defiling 5-year-old Girl in Plateau State

A young boy has found himself in more trouble than he can handle after he allegedly assaulted a little girl sexually. 

A 15 year old boy, identified simply as Ajoro has been sentenced to three months imprisonment.
He was sentenced to jail by a Magistrate Court sitting in Jos on Tuesday, for defiling a 5-year-old girl.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the accused and the victim are both residents of Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State, where the act was reportedly committed.
Magistrate Comfort Pam, of Chief Magistrate Court VII, after hearing the Police Prosecutor, Mr Nyamvul Leshak, who alleged that the boy committed the act on October 15th, 2016, sentenced him to three months imprisonment with an option of fine of N3, 000.
“Because this is his first time of committing this dastardly offence, I hereby sentence him to three months imprisonment at Juvenile Delinquent Centre, Jos with an option of fine of N3, 000, ’’ the Magistrate declared.
Pam warned the boy not to engage in such a bad act again or she will next time ensure he receives stiffer penalty.
She cautioned the parents of the girl not to allow such a small girl to wonder away alone without any care but that they should ensure somebody is around to take care of her whenever they are away.
Earlier, addressing the court in the inner Chamber, Leshak said that the boy, who is a primary 5 pupil, had lured the girl from a football field, where she was playing with her friends by giving her his shoes for her to take them to his house for him.
“My Lord, the accused immediately followed the girl to the house and locked up the door against her consent where he defiled her in spite of her resistance.

“If not for a neighbour who came looking for one of the family members and heard the girl’s outcry, he would had succeeded in having carnal knowledge of the girl.

“By tampering and fumbling with the girl’s temple, he (boy) had committed an offence contrary and punishable under section 285 of the Penal Code of the Law of the Federation of Nigeria, ’’ he said.
The boy had pleaded guilty to the offences and prayed the court to tamper justice with mercy, pledging that he won’t do it again.


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