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MMM Drama! You Won't Believe What a Woman Who 'Lost' Millions to the Ponzi Scheme Did to Her Daughter in Asaba

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A woman who was too torn apart after investing several millions in the popular ponzi scheme, MMM, has done something unprecedented to her daughter. 
A mild drama occurred at Osadebay Way in Asaba where one Mrs. Besie Njoagwani, a middle aged woman said to have invested millions in the MMM scheme reportedly came to the market with her three year old daughter but ended up leaving the young girl there, Leadership reports.
The woman, identified as a caterer, who had gone to the market in company of the year-old daughter in a chattered KEKE-NAPEP, returned home without her child.
She later confessed that she was engrossed in ceaseless mind-bothering thoughts as a result of the colossal loss to MMM.
Leadership reports that the drama started at Mammy Market by the Federal College Junction in Asaba, where the middle-age woman told the KEKE-NAPEP driver to wait with her daughter while she takes a dash into the market to pick some few things.
It was further gathered that the woman sat in a corner of the market for close to 20 minutes with her jaw resting in her right palm, obviously lost in thought.
A tomatoes seller told our correspondent that the woman was looking highly disturbed as her eyes looked into the distance vacantly.
The tomatoes seller also told the KEKE-NAPEP driver and others listening to her, that her last observation on the woman was when she got up and hissed disdainfully and left, going towards Abraka (Hausa) Market end of Dennis Osadebay way.
“I told this my friend (pointing at the girl next to her) that the woman was looking very worried over something, but I did not even know that she came to the market in a chartered KEK-NAPEP, with her daughter seated in the tricycle, if I had known, I would have reminded her that she was leaving the little girl she brought behind when I saw her going.”


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