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My Husband and I Started With N10k- IK Ogbonna's wife,Sonia writes

IK Ogbonna's Colombian wife, Sonia Morales took to her blog to share her story on how she began dating the Nigerian actor ..She wrote
This is a story I'm sure many of you guys don't know about and I really feel like it's time to share it with you today,as this year is coming to an end.
Just for a second, looked back at my life,this 2016 that is almost gone and my heart started beating faster because I realized how far we have come. Gratitude I feel makes me wanna cry because God is indeed great. He never fails.
I'm writing this with intention to awake that positive energy of hope and faith in you before we enter this brand new year and make you believe that miracles truly happen when there is Love,Gratitude and Peace in our hearts to invite it in.
Most of you think that my life in Nigeria was nothing but glamorous story,followed by mad parties,red carpet events and comfortable life since I "got me" a Naija celebrity boyfriend.
Lol..If you guys only knew..
The day I came to Nigeria to see Ik,he went to BORROW N10k (which was equal to $50 at that time) just so he can get me from the airport.
Yes guys.
That is the very naked truth.
We met in not so ideal circumstances.
To be very sincere with you,in any other case ,"normal" me would probably carry my load  and go after realizing that I can't have as comfortable life as I pictured (heeey,did I really came all the way to Nigeria to suffer with all those lavish millionaires and oil tycoons around ?Chineke God, I don dey crase?Lol). 
Average African Man's confidence is normally backed up with money and wealth he posses. It's all about what they can do for you or what they can give you that makes them so proud and confident to approach even the most beautiful women on planet earth . Mathematics is simple: no money - no confidence at all. 
But then i met Ik. A young man with who was not wealthy,without a big family name but,guys ,the way he was confident.Not arrogant.Confident. That sexy mind blowing confidence.Not only that.There was potential. There was a fire in that man's eyes. Pure determination. Heart of a lion. But so pure and so kind. So honest. Real. Intelligent. Wise.Capable.
There was a  man who eventually became my best friend,who knew my dirty secrets and the naked truth about me and still loved me when I did not even know if I love myself. A woman feels that once in a lifetime.
My common sense has left me so I was there to follow my heart.
Then it got to my head: We could actually have it all.
He loved me from day one. For sure I know. But he was still a man. That's why he felt bad that he can't give me the world he thinks I deserve.I felt his pain.
I looked at him one day. I knew he felt helpless at some point. Told him "Ik ,when I look at you I see a billionaire.You better start acting like one."
Later on he told me that was somethings I said that completely changed his life.

He loved me for who I am,I believed in him when he had nothing. And that was unconditional. I guess that's when magic happens.
But let me be honest again: It was not an easy journey at the beginning.
Me,Sonia,"Fine girl",that was always getting things effortlessly everywhere I go.
Secondly in my whole life I was alway running away from commitment.At all this did not make me feel right. I was afraid that I won't get to live life that I alway wanted.I felt like  I had to sacrifice it for sake of some Love like that.For Christ sake,I run away from my home to have a better life then my parents did,not to find myself in the same old shit.
We had ups and downs.
But then things started changing.
I'm far from a perfect woman,but I realized I had a one very special superpower: my words can change lives. I can speak words into existence!
I started speaking life into him. I was telling him about our future.I stopped complaining. Instead on what we did not want,I started refocusing our energy on what we wanted to happen. We stopped talking about bills,lack of money or things we was not capable of doing at that time. Instead,we were talking about cars we gonna drive,places we will travel to,businesses we will run. I didn't nag,or rub things in his face.It was all about creating a right mental picture.Gradually we broke all the limitations because we stopped feeding our worries and fears with complains and bad emotions.We created a new norm: there was no chance you could ever hear us using word "broke".I understood one thing : you must act according things you want to attract,not opposite. Act like you already own it.
I would look at this young man...Nothing he can't do. It was only a matter of encouragement and motivation.
That was the key that got all the doors open.
In one year only he started working almost every day of his life,he got big endorsements,flattering awards and nominations,participated in over 30 movies. Somehow things just start falling into place.We got a beautiful,healthy baby boy.
Second year we got another car. I actually got a car I was always dreaming of. This year we moved to a beautiful,new house. We have started several businesses,sorted out our family company and he produced 2 movies on his own.
All the hard work started paying of.From 0 to 100. Literally.

But do you know what? From this point of my life,I am actually endlessly grateful that we met in time we were both on zero. I think that was what built our foundation strong. He did not won my love with cars and luxury gifts. And he knew all my flaws. And we still had deep love and honest friendship between us.Plus now we can brag how we started from the bottom and now we here (lmao) .
But for real,there is nothing that can make a bond and friendship stronger then a process of building a life from scratch. You watch someone's life changing just in front of your eyes.That is magical.You know that even without everything,there was always something.We held our hands with N10k and we still do when things got way better . 

At times I take things I have now for granted,forgetting how hard I used to pray for them back in the days,and now ,by sharing this with you I feel so damn guilty because a life I live now can't possibly be compared to one I had only 3 years ago.
So please fam,let's start this beautiful year with a right kind of attitude. Faith. Gratitude.
Believe in your choice and in yourself. Do not compare yourself to other people's lives,but wish them well.
And settle for your blessings,confess them everyday,with love and peace in your heart. Do not fear,you are not alone.
And please do let me know when your life starts changing.


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