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Shocking Photos: Stark Naked Protesters Turn Themselves into Bloody 'Human Meat' in Broad Daylight

The protesters took off their clothes, daubed themselves in fake blood, 
stepped into polysterene trays and allowed themselves to be wrapped in clingfilm
Protesters with really heavy demands to make, have adopted a rather weird method in driving their point home and to make sure they are heard. 
This is the gruesome moment n*ked animal rights protesters turned themselves into packs of human meat in a busy city centre.
Members of AnimaNaturalis in Spain took off their clothes, daubed themselves in fake blood, stepped into polysterene trays and allowed themselves to be wrapped in clingfilm.
According to Daily Mail, the bizarre demonstration took place in the Sant Jaume plaza in Barcelona, the first city in the world to declare itself vegan-friendly.
The 20 activists wanted to make a dramatic plea to people to adopt a meat-free diet, free from animal exploitation and any suffering.
A woman being prepared to be packaged as a human meat
They agreed to become packaged meat to raise public awareness and to remind Barcelona's city council that their pledge should mean actions and not just words.
'We wanted to draw the attention of the authorities,' said Aïda Gascón, director of AnimaNaturalis in Spain. 
'They pledged in March to join global activities such as Paul McCartney's campaign Meatless Monday but have not yet implemented anything else.'
The group says that even getting the council to agree to help promote meat-free diets would be a small but important step.
The trays included the words 'carne humana' which means human meat in Spanish.
AnimaNaturalis says 60 billion animals are used every year to supply the diet of humans 'thus making the lives of living beings into mere objects of production to feed the human population.'
The group says animals should be protected and consumers presented with food 'that does not involve deaths or animal abuse.'
'We encourage everyone to leave meat off the plate and join the millions of people around the world who believe that a day without meat can make a difference. 
'For the animals, for the planet, our health, leave the meat off your plate.' 


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