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Natalia Kills Blames Nicki Minaj's Anaconda Song For Bullying Skinny Wom

nicki natalia anaconda diss lovebscott

Singer Natalia Kills is publicly speaking out against the bulling of skinny or as she put it, "small framed" women. While she doesn’t name-check Nicki Minaj, she talks about a popular song out there that offensively refers to ‘skinny bitches’.
Nicki Minaj raps in Anaconda, “f*ck those skinny b*tches, f*ck those skinny b*tches in the club.”
Natalia Kills posted on Twitter;
I just heard a sad and degrading song that I can't quite figure out if it's a public joke or not.
Why are we publicly deemed "skinny BITCHES" if we're naturally smaller than sz 6? Horrified i'm considered a bitch for not being overweight.

Larger framed women need to stop bullying/victimizing girls with small frames, less voluptuous figures as if they're unattractive/anorexic.

It's not a 'positive message' that if you have small breasts (like me) and "don't got that jelly" men won't find you sexually appealing.
Negativity + negativity = guess what...?

Believe it or not there are guys out there that will actually wanna "hold you at night" even if you have a stick figure or less "booty"

Small framed models are used in Ad's so that the focus stays on the product being advertised, not the sexually appealing curves of the model

But the media isn't doing it to make curvier women feel 'too big' or 'unappealing'... Size 2 models aren't there to visually victimize us...

There's beauty in everything. Natural, silicone, big, small, DD's, A-cups... You name it. Bullying "skinny bitches" is NOT beautiful #ugly


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